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“Cyberpunk 2077” is one of the most anticipated games this year. OnePlus launched the co-branded 「ONEPLUS 8T CYBERPUNK 2077」on Double Eleven, incorporating sci-fi futuristic game elements into the mobile design.

  • The 79 KOLs invited by the brand were mainly promoted on Weibo, of which over 75% had 100K+ followers in technology or games field.
  • @大概是井越 and @中国BOY-Hans promoted in the form of unboxing videos, displaying game elements inside mobile phone design, successfully obtaining the highest interaction volume among all KOL posts.
  • The brand sponsored a 2D animation advertising company @茶山有鹿 created a suspenseful plot animation short film “COLD DREAM”, which perfectly combines mobile phones and the settings of cyberpunk 2077. A group of KOLs forwarded and promoted it, and attached official flagship store guide Stream information.
  • This campaign has tracked more than 170M impressions on Weibo via #赛博朋克手机#.
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