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On the occasion of the arrival of 2021, L’Oreal launched a new matte lipstick series, and promoted main color #666 as “New Year’s color”, attracting consumers’ attention.

· Immediately afterwards, the brand held an offline event in Shanghai, and a group of top KOLs such as @小猪姐姐zz and @韬韬Koki were invited to participate.

· Brands have different strategies on each platform. Douyin only invited 12 top-tier KOLs to pursue the breadth of communication; while on user experience sharing platforms like Xiaohongshu, the brand pursues the depth of communication, inviting 200+ people up to the mid-tier KOLs.

· Douyin KOL @刀小刀sama used #666 to create three different themed makeup looks, which were associated with “good luck” in the naming, so that the product gained added value and successfully won the highest number of engagements actions in all KOL posts.  .

· The vast majority of KOLs who participated in this event are female, so L’Oreal can try more male KOLs.

· The campaign has tracked more than 350M impressions on Weibo via #欧莱雅666#.

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