China’s #1 Mommy KOL Launches a Maternity Brand

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China’s #1 Mommy KOL Launches a Maternity Brand

In 2017, Cherie @雪梨Cherie was ranked the #1 Fashion KOL by Alibaba’s KOL Consumer Impact Report. Cherie’s popularity on Weibo was the main driver of a hugely successful year for her fashion brand Chinstudio. Cherie now works less with brands, choosing instead to use her popularity and marketing savvy to promote her Chinstudio and her new maternity brand 初礼firstgive. In November last year, Cherie revealed to her followers that she is pregnant. In the past, similar KOLs have seen their own pregnancy as a business opportunity. After becoming pregnant, @于momo小饺子 launched a childrenswear brand called 于MOMOKIDS, and @Lin张林超 did the same, creating a brand called 宝贝小象. Cherie followed their lead but in a bigger way. She has launched a maternity and woman’s lifestyle e-commerce platform called 初礼firstgive. Soon, China’s #1 fashion KOL could become China’s most popular mommy KOL.

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