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Taking inspiration from the flying goddess in the Dunhuang Murals, Carslan collaborated with the Dunhuang Museum to jointly launch a beauty series. Brand spokesperson @佟丽娅 ran a promotional campaign for this product line.

  • 54 KOLs participated in total; Weibo KOLs contributed over 80% of the media value of this campaign.
  • Carslan requested that KOLs use makeup, clothing and posting styles inspired by Dunhuang.
  • In addition to inviting professional makeup bloggers @仇仇-qiuqiu and @小猪姐姐zz, Carslan also invited cosplay blogger @真的菜菜 to participate in this campaign.
  • The follower interaction rate for more than half of all KOL posts for this campaign failed to exceed that of the past three months; most impressions were from Xiaohongshu.
  • The campaign has tracked more than 100M impressions on Xiaohongshu via #卡姿兰敦煌妆#


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