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Carslan Christmas Featured Limited-edition Series

CARSLAN released Christmas featured Carslan×Klimt limited-edition series on December 3 with an online lucky draw: those followers who posted with the hashtag #2020凭实力多金# would stand a chance to win a free set. A promotion video was launched on 9th Dec, and the Brand Spokesperson @威神V_黄旭熙_LUCAS posted on Weibo to promote the new series.  Celebrity @刘人语Reyi_ joined the live-streaming hosted by KOL @雪欧尼Tiffany for the promotion. @仇仇-qiuqiu, @郭果果mint, @Sayi酱 and other KOLs either posted try-on reviews or gave the limited edition away to fans to earn higher engagements. The Weibo hashtag #2020凭实力多金# tracked over 1400M views. Nearly 40% of the KOLs selected by Carslan were micro KOLs. The average engagement rate of their posts was only 0.28%, nearly four times lower than their 90-day average engagement rate of 1.05%. The KOL selection for this campaign has room for improvement.

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