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Armani started the promotion of its Lip Maestro series on May 9 and invited @姚晨,,@钟楚曦, @谭卓 and @佟丽娅 to use the lipstick during the Shanghai International Film Festival. @Kakakaoo-, @仇仇-qiuqiu, @小猪姐姐zz, @空蛹出蝶 and other KOLs either posted try-on photos or videos for promotion. Weibo hashtag #阿玛尼传奇红管# tracked over 180M views. In all sponsored posts, @Bee哥大哥大 opted for video content instead of traditional content & photos, giving fans a more intuitive and reliable color test. More importantly, she integrated Armani style into the video, which can be seen from her selection of clothing, video shoot location, background music as well as video editing. Her engagement rate for this post has increased nearly 11 times to 2.9% when compared with her past 90-day data.

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