Luxury KOL Catalogue Featuring China’s Top Luxury Influencers

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Luxury KOL Catalogue Featuring China’s Top Luxury Influencers

TheINSIDER KOL Marketing Magazine contains featured articles from some of the top KOLs in China and includes more than 250 China influencer profiles across fashion, beauty, luxury, fitness, travel, child & parent, F&B and foreigners. The Luxury Influencer Catalogue contains articles from 20 influencers in the industry.

A luxury label with niche brand positioning once came to PARKLU saying how difficult it was to find suitable KOLs for their needs. Their small audience coupled with the need for a blogger with a unique tone made it tough to find the right match for their campaign collaborations. To help solve some of these pain points, PARKLU has carefully selected nearly 20 bloggers who are most popular with luxury brands. Let’s meet some of them below.


950,000 Weibo followers

luxury influencer

@刘筱bamboo is an attractive and fun fashion blogger, with 950,000 followers on Weibo and a WeChat official account called “LOOK”. Living as an international student in the UK allowed @刘筱bamboo to experience a cross-cultural lifestyle and to sharpen her fashion sense. Unlike many fashion bloggers, apart from sharing the latest fashion trends, she combines fashion and emotion in her words, often writing about all aspects of the human condition, introducing her audience to interesting lifestyle concepts.

luxury influencer


As a luxury influencer, she has cooperated with brands like Louis Vuitton and Estée Lauder, and she has also been endorsed by a fashion blogger and researcher Uncle A Shang, who has campaigned against inauthentic bloggers. A brand that once cooperated with @刘筱bamboo also said they saw great results from working with her, that her content and distribution were good and her conversion data was also good.


3.36 million Weibo followers

influencer in china     

@时尚主播linda is a well-known model and host, and of course, a luxury influencer. often sharing fashion guides with her 3.36 million followers. Linda has participated in many fashion events, often posting about openings for major fashion brands on Weibo, and often turning up at events hosted by the likes of Dior, Tod’s and Max Mara. Her unique personal charm has earned her the love of her followers, as well as a high conversion rate and great results with brand campaigns.


7.66 million Weibo followers

luxury influencer in china

Called the “people’s stylist”, @江南BoyNam has attracted 7.66 million followers with his warm, masculine smile. His personalised styling has helped him secure a number of impactful big-name collaborations with brands such as BVLGARI, Alexander Wang and Gucci. @江南BoyNam even used a #江南 wardrobe# campaign to support a junior college student. His personal hashtag #江南BoyNam# has generated 270 million views on Weibo.


7.36 million Weibo followers

luxury influencer

@Dipsy迪西 ranked second in the 2018 KOL luxury rankings. He’s a veteran KOL, and consistent creator of fashion-related content focused on high-end brands. Luxury brands love @Dipsy迪西 for his powerful high-end aesthetic.


3.32 million Weibo followersluxury influencer

Fashion critic @吉良先生 is a writer and advertising pro. His style is not acid-tongued, but rather leaves a professional, stable image. Together with his own deep research on fashion and his influence in the industry, he will always find favour with top brand executives. He’s a must-invite for all kinds of luxury events, and his promotional posts cover everything from jewellery and watches to beauty products, clothing and more.

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