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Fashion KOL Catalogue Featuring China’s Top Fashion Influencers

The following are excerpts taken from the second edition of theINSIDER KOL Marketing Magazine. theINSIDER KOL Marketing Magazine contains featured articles from some of the top KOLs in China and includes more than 250 China influencer profiles across fashion, beauty, luxury, fitness, travel, child & parent, f&b, and foreigners. The Fashion Influencer Catalogue contains articles from China’s top influencers and provides access to 30+ influencer media kits.



Experienced Model, New Mother, Fashion Influencer


If you are alive, dare to try

I mainly focus on fashion but have also dabbled in beauty, fitness, parenting, and baby-care. I believe that someone living life to the fullest should be versatile and not limited to one niche. You can try everything and do it fearlessly. My modelling background has given me a deep understanding of the fashion industry. When I started sharing my lifestyle and outfits online, I managed to attract recognition bit by bit.

It’s more fun when you do it as a KOL couple

I think that a KOL needs to bring something special to the industry, and I stand out most while

shooting. Thanks to my experience as a model, shooting and filming are quite easy for me.

What’s more, my husband and I make a KOL couple! Two people are always more powerful than one. We have travelled to Korea, USA, France, Italy, and other countries together. We record each new place from our unique perspectives.

Record beautiful moments and meet like-minded people

I feel very happy and fulfilled. I get to record life’s beautiful moments while meeting like-minded people and seeing a whole different world. This is what life should be about. Of course, behind the carefree appearance, there are often tons of hard work. For example, even if you’re shooting in a thin dress on a snow-covered mountain in winter, or under the blazing sun for 10 hours in summer, you still have to maintain a top-notch professional attitude.

Endorses brands through live-streaming, visuals, and text

Sasha has worked with brands including Lacoste, Tory Burch, Uniqlo, Old Navy, Botkier, Coccinelle, Tissot, and more. She has also done live promotions for Fossil, H&M, and Givenchy.



Heart, soul, and Elfin SKR



Q: What do you blog about, and what are your thoughts about the fashion influencer industry?

A: I blog about fashion and beauty. This industry has the most diverse and colourful social circle. It’s a collective of people with good looks, great talent, and great bodies, so the competition is really tight, and that in itself can limit one’s self-expression. The people you see around you – your competition – are just so amazing, and the deeper you go into the field, the more absorbed you become, sometimes setting unrealistic standards for yourself.

Q: What led you to pursue your career and become a fashion influencer?

A: My career started as a fashion editor. That sort of paved the way for me to become who I am today. I slowly developed my own feelings about how traditional media and social media differed. I could see that Chinese girls weren’t learning about beauty and fashion from big fashion magazines anymore, so I started building a small network of influence around me that gradually expanded, and I became an influencer.

Q: What makes you different from other KOLs?

A: I’d say I stand out easily among KOLs just because of my “elfin” looks. (And that’s not because I have pointy ears!) I don’t project sex appeal or put on a sweet face, nor do I chase the latest trends or pretend to be royalty. I’m sure you get what I mean! It’s just my SKR working on you.

Q: What is your most memorable experience working with a brand?

A: That would be my time working with Korean makeup brand Passional Lover. Coincidentally, that was when Seoul Fashion Week was happening, so I got invited and ended up doing the makeup promotion at the fashion show itself! Because Seoul Fashion Week was a very hot topic in the media during that time these posts from the show were my most successful ever, by far exceeding my usual daily reach.



Q: What brands have you worked with, and how do you choose brands to collaborate with?

A: Brands I have worked with recently include Christian Louboutin, COCO Chanel, Swatch, FILA, DAZZLE, and Stashd. I work with a diverse range of products. For example, there are makeup, clothing, watches, accessories and skincare products. I’m open to collaboration when I feel there is apparent synchronicity between the brand’s tone and my personal style. Liking a brand personally is the most important thing for me.

Q: What brand would you absolutely love to work with?

A: I would like to work with Urban Decay since I’ve become a big fan of makeup recently.

Q: What is your dream career and what do you think about your current career as a KOL?

A: Although I’m a fashion and beauty blogger, I am secretly jealous of travel bloggers. While I feel their life of travelling between five continents is not that easy – they have to work constantly on blog content while travelling and stay inspired – I am nevertheless magnetised by their encounters with the oceans, mountains and local customs of so many different countries.

Q: What is your biggest regret?

A: I regret that when my mother suffered from depression, I was not able to be there for her. I am a thick-skinned person and, because of that, I was not able to feel her pain, and did not even realise how seriously ill she was.

Q: What advice would you give to future fashion bloggers?

A: Put your heart and soul into your work, and you will definitely be rewarded. Make sure your content is authentic, fresh, and special.


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