3 Must-Use China Live Streaming KOL Campaign Tactics

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3 Must-Use China Live Streaming KOL Campaign Tactics

In last week’s post we discussed tips and tricks for branded live streams from a macro level. Today we want to go micro and look at specific features to look for when choosing a China live streaming KOL. We’ll also go over tactics the KOL can use during the live stream to create a highly engaged audience and generate sales.

@Sportybitch China live streaming Fitness KOL

@Sportybitch Fitness KOL

Choosing a China Live Streaming KOL

In China, live streaming KOLs need different features to succeed than more traditional content creators who work with video, photos, and text.

A great vlogger won’t necessarily know what to do in front of a live audience. Live streaming requires spontaneity, the ability to think on your feet and perform under pressure. Entertaining hosts understand how to interact with the audience and keep them engaged 

@冒险雷探长 China Live streaming travel KOL

@冒险雷探长 Travel KOL

Traits to look for:   

@Melilimfu China live streaming beauty KOL

@Melilimfu Beauty KOL

3 Simple Tactics to Employ

Once you’ve found a China live streaming KOL that fits these requirements, there are some simple tactics to employ at the beginning, middle, and end of the broadcast to significantly impact the results.

1) Set the Tone:

The first 5 minutes of the live stream when everyone is trickling in are an important opportunity to develop relationships with the audience.  As people join the feed, the host should call out their names and greet them. They should specifically mention returning guests and thank them for coming back. A repeated introduction about themselves and the topic of the show is also crucial, as well as a reminder to follow the brand’s live-streaming account. (Incentives for following such as exclusive products, sales or giveaways don’t hurt.)

For beauty brands, the KOL’s appearance at the beginning of the live stream is extremely important. To enhance the effect of your product, you need to create before and after effects. This doesn’t necessarily mean the KOL needs to start the show without any makeup, but ideally, the original makeup is light enough that the audience can clearly see an improvement from the product.

KOLs promoting fashion brands should start out wearing the key item they want to sell that day. It’s the first thing people will see when the broadcast starts, which will leave a lasting impression. First impressions count, so make sure whatever the KOL is wearing at the beginning of the show represents your brand’s aesthetic.

@小刚几 China live streaming mommy baby KOL

@小刚几 Mommy/Baby KOL

2) Keep the Energy High and Viewers Engaged:

Start the show once more viewers arrive. Have a preset schedule demonstrating a variety of products in interesting ways. The host should speak quickly and keep the show moving. The key is not to let viewers get bored. At the same time, it is important for the host to be flexible. If viewers are particularly interested in a product, spend more time on it.

Encourage the host to take moments during transition periods to engage with viewers and create a connection. Ask where they are from, what they do and what they think about the product. Not only does this make them feel like you care, but also a great way to get feedback. 

Other things to think about throughout the course of the live stream:

  • Try to answer as many audience questions as possible. While the host can answer some, you should also have someone from your brand acting as a customer service representative on a separate phone watching the live stream and sending responses. 
  • Have giveaways during the middle and end of every live stream. Chinese consumers absolutely love giveaways and will continue watching the show if they know there is a chance to win something.
  • Demonstrate each product more than once. It is highly unlikely that anyone will watch the broadcast in its entirety so repetition is important
  • If the broadcast is on an e-commerce platform such as JD.com or Taobao, don’t be afraid to have the host encourage people to make purchases. People are on that platform to shop. They will not be offended. Instruct them how to purchase the item in case they are new to the platform.

@苏小豪SUHAO China live streaming fashion kol

@苏小豪SUHAO Fashion KOL

3) End with a Call to Action:

At the end of the live stream, be sure the host thanks the audience profusely for their support. The host should once again show them the items you are promoting, share how to purchase them, and inform the audience about any sales or limited time offers. They should also announce your live streaming schedule and encourage viewers to follow the account so they don’t miss future shows. Do another giveaway to reward those viewers who stayed until the end.

While some of these tips might seem like common sense, the little details can have a massive impact on the results of your China live streaming KOL campaign. 

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