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Double Eleven Case Studies Every Marketer Should See

Although Double Eleven has come to an end, Double Twelve is close at hand, and then there is  Christmas, New Years … the end of the year is always the busiest time for marketers. In order to better prepare for the end of the year, PARKLU summarised the hottest methods and also the case studies of Double Eleven this year. Let’s take a look at them!

1.Launch of “National Tide”, high-value products

In terms of product highlights, “National Tide” is still the direction of the brand’s recent customisation, combining Chinese elements, and creating IP-limited models for product packaging and design. For example, the national museum gift box of Pantene care products, BEABA baby diaper diapers, Perfect Diary X National Geographic and so on.

Other high-value products such as SK-II fairy water limited edition, Qingdao night owl beer, Zhuang Liren pink props set, etc., have achieved good sales results.

2.High-traffic celebrity endorsement brands

The high-traffic stars have brought sales explosions to the brands they endorsed during this double eleven, and the fan economy has become increasingly important for brands.

3. KOL live streaming has become a hot spot

Marketing methods continue to be upgraded. During Tmall’s pre-sale, the live-streaming turnover increased by more than 15 times. Both Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi‘s pre-sale live streaming views exceeded 50 million. The pre-sale of goods accounted for more than 30% of the total double eleven sales.

90% of the brands started KOL live steaming campaigns in 2020, a year-on-year increase of more than 200%.

4. “Lower Tier” market

Other than Pinduoduo whose strategy moved from lower tier to first and second tier cities, most brands during this year ’s Double Eleven suddenly shifted its focus away from first- and second-tier cities to lower tier markets. Other e-commerce companies, including, Suning, etc., combined this strategy with the interactive gameplay of social groups and cost-effective products.

Under the interpretation of this gameplay and trends, PARKLU also carefully selected excellent marketing cases for Double Eleven, hoping to bring you some inspiration!

Case Study: Luolai Home Textiles: “See you in bed tonight” event

On November 2, an apartment in central Shanghai staged a group show of quilt sheets. The slogan “Luolai Double Eleven, see you in bed tonight” instantly attracted the attention of the surrounding people and caused a lot of attention. The media’s attention has formed a collective discussion among people and created a viral topic.

Luolai Home Textiles

The whole activity is divided into three steps:

Step 1: drying the sheets offline, creating suspense, and attracting more users to participate in the event;

Step 2: authoritative paper media + headline report, revealing brand promotion information, connecting online and offline, and continuing to spread throughout the network;

Step 3: Using Weibo as the main platform, exposing the event’s information and participation methods, and make a splash through KOL @ 杨 卷 花 yuki, @正常人办不出这种事儿, and attracted e-commerce to complete the most critical step, traffic conversion.

Case Study of Double Eleven

As of November 18, Luolai Home Textile’s official topic of Double Eleven # #罗莱双十一 晒单赢免单# # received a total of 1.085 million and discussed 5920.

“Blind Box Marketing” is booming

While the fan economy is booming, all kinds of blind boxes are rapidly occupying marketing positions. The popularity of blind boxes has been extended online, and fast-moving consumer brands have successively launched the “mysterious blind box” concept to test the waters. According to Tmall’s Double 11 pre-sale data, in just 7 minutes, the pre-sale volume of blind boxes on the platform exceeded the full day of Double 11 last year, and the single-day turnover increased by 368% compared with the same period last year, with millenials.

In Kantar Consulting’s 2019 Double Eleven White Paper, we saw that Lipton launched a custom gift box in the form of a “blind box master product”, and twelve flavours of tea bags were then hidden behind the gift box numbers 1-12. Tmall Double Eleven pre-sale sales of more than 5,300 items.

Colgate presented the limited Hello Kitty gift box as a “blind gift box” with monthly sales of more than 75,000.

Case Study of Double Eleven

There is also Bubble Matt’s “Experiential Blind Box”. Consumers can purchase and consume the number of draw boxes, and they can immediately remove the blind boxes and experience the excitement and joy of the blind box online. Tmall Double Eleven pre-sale volume soared 430%.

It can be seen from the PARKLU marketing platform that in the last month, the keyword “blind box” was mentioned by 835 bloggers in 1185 articles on social media platforms such as Weibo, Xiaohongshu and Douyin. “Blind box form” has a lot of popularity and discussion.

KOL Marketing

Glory joins hands with Weiquan

Huawei Glory and Weiquan Beverage launched a special marketing campaign for Double Eleven, which involved collecting each of the five coloured bottles in order to win a Honour 20S mobile phone. Through the celebrity endorsement, millions of fans went crazy for Li Xian, and even advertised idol and brand products. Spokesperson Li Xian’s star power + the temptation to buy beverages and the mobile phone prize successfully spurred the purchasing power of their fans. Spreading the content cross-border achieved a 1 + 1> 2 effect, thus maximising the power of brand collaboration. Weibo topic # 味全 文明 5 色 瓶 # won 13.889 million readings and discussed 7636 times; Honour 20 won the Jingdong mobile phone category with a single product sales price of 2000-3000 yuan.

double eleven Huawei Glory

Listerine: 24-hour nonstop train

On 31 October, the mouthwash brand Listerine launched its “24-hour nonstop train” on Line 9 of the Shanghai Metro, igniting the passion of countless young people.

double eleven case study

This Double Eleven Listerine and Tmall teamed up, coupling with this wave of event marketing, it ranked first in the mouthwash category sales, with a year-on-year growth of 83%. In addition to the increase in sales, the brand has seized the pain points of contemporary Chinese white-collar workers about “spitting and venting” and passed their brand ideas and brand attitude to the majority of users through entertainment.

double eleven case study

Livestream Car Sales at 4S Shops

During the “Double Eleven” this year, car sales also seem to be approaching the live broadcast era. On 1 November, host Li Xiang cooperated with the automotive industry KOL Yan Chuang in a live broadcast. In this live broadcast, the number of direct to sales gained by Great Wall Motor Group reached more than 200. Additionally, during Double Eleven, there were thousands of 4S stores and more than 2,000 shopping guides who “transformed” into Taobao anchors.

double eleven

Many platforms announced the Double Eleven sales of automotive products. Suning ushered in the most automobile sales. The number of vehicle orders increased by 1552% year-on-year, and sales increased by 372% year-on-year. In the early morning of the 11th, released data that new car orders increased by 318% year-on-year. Pinduoduo’s information shows that just after 16 minutes at 01:00 on 11 November, car sales exceeded 1,000 vehicles. The live broadcast has become a new wave of automotive marketing.

KOL Marketing in China

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