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How would you like to engage influencers

You can engage influencers in two ways:


Post your campaign on PARKLU platform, select the category that suits your brand, and we will push notification to relevant influencers. You can directly chat with influencers that apply to your campaign and confirm within days.

Private Invitation

For subscription users, you can send invitation directly to selected influencers from your experience, preference or our recommendation. Influencers will get campaign invitation on their APP, and confirm details with you.

Campaign Name

To attract more influencers, your campaign name should be exciting and compelling. Most campaign invitation titles are more than 5 characters. To help Chinese influencers better understand your requirement, it’s better to use Chinese for all your requirements.

Select and Add Brand

You can create campaigns for different brands in your company and manage them. Please select the brand that aligns to your campaign requirement. If you are new to PARKLU, you can also create your brand details as you create your campaign.

Influencer Category

Select the category that best describes your brand, this can attract more accurate influencers. If you want to work with influencers across multiple categories, we recommend to limit to 2. Selecting 3 or more categories will increase the number of KOLs applying for you campaign, but also will cause distraction and inconvenience later when you are filtering and communicating.

Platform and Requirements

PARKLU now support Weibo, WeChat Official Accounts, Instagram, NICE, Meipai, Youku, Meilimeizhuang, Yinke, Yizhibo and Xiaohongshu. You can select the platform you would like to conduct your campaign. Just like influencer categories, we recommend to focus on 1 or 2 platforms to achieve better result.

Requirement of platforms:

Number of post: for each influencer in this platform, how many post should they publish. We recommend 2-3 post for each platform.

@Mention: you can appoint your official account on this platform or any specific account that you wish KOLs to mention in their post.

#Topic: if your campaign has a theme, it’s good to have influencers add to their content.

Keywords:any keywords you would like influencers to include.

Url: if you wish to generate flow to your website or e-commerce platform, you can add the url here. Please note:
in order to give you a detailed performance tracking report, PARKLU will generate a unique url for each individual KOL and give this link to influencers through our APP. If you would like to use our data tracking service, please avoid to give urls to influencer through live chat.

Brand Story

Brand story is the first step influencers get to know your brand, this is very important for the steps ahead. Especially when you are engaging the Chinese influencers for the first time. Please give them a detailed introduction of your brand including the brand history, spirit and values.

Campaign Requirements

Here you can give specific requirements to influencers on the content. Giving very brief instructions to influencers is good sometimes, you can certainly achieve a better result with detailed ones. This will also save a lot of time during the draft review process.

We have a checklist for you:

  • Campaign objective: the main theme of the campaign.

  • Content and format: how would you like the influencers to engage fans, styling, photographing, repost or lucky draw;

  • Need influencer shoot with the product;

  • Need product close up feature image;

  • Need to add url in the post;

  • Is there a lucky draw, what are the rules;

  • Other requirement on the style of the post content

Content Don’ts

Please let the influencers know your concerns, this could also help them to create better content that suits your brand ideas.

Also, we have a checklist for you:

  • Copy right of the content;
  • Styles to avoid;
  • Deletion of the post and time limit;
  • Mentioning of the competitors

Review Draft

You can require draft review before influencer publish their post, and exchange your comment with influencers. We recommend to leave enough time for influencers to make the change before the post.

Some of the influencer are a little sensitive with draft review, this might effect them.

Visual Inspiration

Here you can share some visual inspiration with influencers or give them reference of the styles you like. If you are using images from other brands, please point our which ones KOLs can use in their content.

Campaign Date

This is the date range that you want KOLs to post their content. We recommend to keep it within a 2-week period,
this will make content intense and achieve a better result.

Number of Influencers

Number of influencers you are engaging in this campaign. To reach the scale effect and a better result, a successful campaign usually engage more than 10 KOLs, some of the campaigns engage 20 to 50 influencers.


This budget is the total cash you are planning to pay the influencers. Usually KOL price start from 800 RMB.

Product Budget

Besides cash, you can also reward influencers with products. Giving products to influencers can also help them to better understand your products and show the best part to their fans.

If you are gifting products to influencers, PARKLU will give the address and contact information to you after you confirmed with influencers for the campaign. You can also use our platform to track the shipment.

Campaign Target

Campaign target is mostly used for your internal reference for final campaign performance. You can set this target based on your previous campaign experience. PARKLU team will also use this target as reference to help you optimise your campaign details.

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