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Tapping into Influencer Insights for Successful Selling in China

An influencer might be the face of a campaign, a traffic generator, or – at best – a brand ambassador. But, it’s rare when a brand takes influencer insights and utilizes them as strategies for selling in China. And that’s a shame. Compared to their Western counterparts, Chinese Influencers have a much greater ability to incorporate sales into their content channels.

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Search Engine Optimization in China Utilizing a KOL Strategy

While KOL marketing is a powerful tool, the glut of content on social media means sponsored posts tend to be a flash in the pan. Efforts are especially fleeting when brands haven’t developed a KOL strategy that extends to search engine optimization in China. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SSO (Social Search Optimization), and ESO (E-commerce Search Optimization) maximize the effect

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Running is a Chinese Fitness Craze and a KOL Marketing Opportunity

Identifying social media trends and tracking what's popular with KOLs and their followers is a big part of what we do at PARKLU. Our free Analytics tool can be used to track KOL mentions of keywords like "running" or the brands that are benefiting from the Chinese fitness craze. The following article was originally published in theINSIDER 500 KOL Catalog.  The

By | May 31st, 2018|Categories: Health & Fitness, KOL Marketing|1 Comment

The Most Frequently Asked Influencer Marketing Questions & Answers

At PARKLU, we get asked a LOT of questions about influencer marketing in China. Besides building an FAQ Wiki, we thought it would be useful to feature the most useful and frequently asked influencer marketing questions and answers. Q: How much should I budget? This will vary greatly depending on the scope and goals of the campaign, the time of year,

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Your China Market Entry Strategy & KOL Marketing Challenges

At PARKLU, we often have startups and new brands come to us with a China market entry strategy that neglects the KOL marketing challenges for unknown brands. They anticipate that KOLs will generate sales conversions and incredible ROI almost overnight. We totally understand where this is coming from: Marketers have to get tangible results – the faster, the better. However,

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How One Travel Agency Created an Influencer from Scratch

I believe many brands are missing a big opportunity in the age of social media. They are not connecting with their customers by providing value first via educational and entertaining content that builds communities. Influencers are filling that gap. Providing value first is deep-seated in Chinese culture and one of the foundations of guanxi. As advertising goes digital, brands are

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