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About Lauren Hallanan

Lauren Hallanan is a Chinese digital marketing expert, writer, travel influencer, and host of the China Influencer Marketing Podcast. With possibly the most unusual resume you’ve ever seen, Lauren previously worked as a professional live streamer, ran events in China for some of Hollywood’s top film companies, and hosted a travel show on Chinese TV. Learn more at

5 Chinese KOL Marketing Case Studies from 2018

It was tough deciding which Chinese KOL marketing case studies we wanted to feature from 2018. In the end, we decided to highlight five brands which stood out for a variety of reasons, whether it was their willingness to experiment with new platforms and campaign mechanisms, their increasingly sophisticated understanding

6 Chinese Social Media Apps Marketers Should Use in 2021

We’ve already reached that time of year when we start making predictions and setting strategies for the Chinese social media apps marketers should use in 2021. Around this time last year, we published a list of five apps marketers should use in 2018 and it was fairly accurate with 3

3 Key Platforms for B2B KOLs in China

If you’re a B2B KOL, you’ve probably jazzed out your LinkedIn profile, built-up a sizable email list, and recorded a podcast or two. In the West, these are your screws and hammers as a B2B influencer – the essentials in your toolbox. B2B KOLs in China have their own platforms to

What happened to Meipai? And what is Meitu Social Media?

Meipai, once a top short video platform in China, has all but died. But not to worry, Meitu has launched a new social platform and it already has more users than Meipai, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu combined. What happened? In the beginning Meipai is a video-sharing app created by Meitu, a technology

How to Design a Product Launch Party that Influencers Want to Attend

Whether you’re located in China or the West, you’ve probably heard of influencers attending some brand's product launch party. Around the world, holding a product launch party has become a quintessential way for brands to personally engage with influencers. With numerous companies vying for the attention of influencers, these events can foster personal

3 Things I’ve Learned Building a Xiaohongshu KOL Account

One reason I understand Chinese social media platforms as well as I do is that I’m not just an observer. I'm currently in the process of building my own Xiaohongshu KOL account. When a platform becomes interesting to me, I open an account, start sharing content and attempt to grow

Micro KOL Marketing in China: What Brands Need to Know

When the words “KOL marketing in China” are mentioned, what pops into people’s minds are KOLs with millions of followers and campaigns with extremely high budgets. Yet, in reality, micro KOL marketing in China is just as popular and can be just as effective. As their name implies, micro KOLs

How to get Influencers to Repost Your Brand-created Content for Free

Influencer marketing is expensive in China and the prices are only going up. Even the biggest brands are looking for ways to get influencers to repost their content for free. No, don’t misinterpret this to mean influencers should work for free. Brands should acknowledge influencers’ value and compensate them fairly.

8 KOL Tactics to Maximise Your China Marketing Campaigns

Optimisation is a word that gets tossed around a lot in the business world. Brands strive to optimise nearly every part of their business. However, the following KOL tactics are rarely used to optimise China marketing campaigns. There are a few reasons for this. Often, brands silo KOL marketing efforts

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