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I serve customers by making brand experiences better through innovative product designs, engaging marketing and compelling content. Always endeavoring to orient brands in the direction of their target customer's needs, while striving to awaken audiences in the digital space. Working passionately to close the gap between product and customer with the ultimate goal of delivering the most satisfactory brand experience possible. - Elijah is a content producer, digital marketer, and passionate advocate for influencer marketing innovation in China. He is the Chief Marketing Officer of the influencer marketing platform PARKLU. PARKLU empowers brands with tools necessary to bypasses traditional advertising and marketing limitations by leveraging China’s influencer marketing ethos. He also Cofounded the beauty influencer brand Melilim Fu. Melilim Fu's flamboyant persona and signature style won the hearts of girls across China making her one of China's premiere beauty influencers. Elijah helps brands and key opinion leaders create content that compels audiences to view, share, and take action. - Visit my professional profile website: www.elijahwhaley.com Please feel free to add me on LinkedIn: elijahwhaley@gmail.com

Launchmetrics acquires PARKLU

Launchmetrics acquires PARKLU, the premier influencer analytics platform in China, strengthening its Brand Performance Cloud to create the industry’s only global solution to measure brand equity Together, they will expand the company’s Media Impact Value™ algorithm to establish a comprehensive metric that benchmarks brand initiatives in the East & West NEW YORK

Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) SEO Manual for KOL Marketing

Little Red Book maintains a stable position in the buyers’ journey of 18 to 35-year-old Chinese females. The brands that know exactly how to conduct SEO in Little Red Book KOL marketing campaigns have a distinct advantage influencing the buyers’ journey of this highly-valuable demographic. This Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu)

Agile Management: for social media marketing in China

By its nature, chasing the attention of customers is the pursuit of many moving targets. It is in this pursuit of attention where brands and their marketing teams must be the most flexible. Flexibility is not innate for most marketing teams as campaigns, content calendars, and product launches are typically set in

Live-streaming Scams & Struggles in China

The allure of live-streaming e-commerce in China is undeniable, and the COVID-19 pandemic only amplified the trend. The format has exploded in popularity across all customer segments and demographics. Essentially, every major social platform now has live-streaming features with seamless e-commerce integration. Most brand marketers are salivating because star live-streamers are claiming to sell thousands

Complete Guide to KOC Marketing in China

Brand marketers do not need another acronym; they need a paradigm shift in thinking. Key Opinion Customers (KOC) are often interpreted as Micro or Longtail-KOLs, and thus, many brands are developing strategies around a poor interpretation of a fundamental concept. Every brand has KOC. It's what brands do or don't do to

Experiential Marketing Mechanics: Turning Customers into KOC

Experiential marketing can and should impact every interaction a brand has with people. When properly practiced, experiential marketing can transform inert experiences into interactions that elicit action. Today, experiential marketing is largely restricted to offline events. This limited vision of the concept stifles serendipitous opportunities to trigger affinity and advocacy from

The Future Of Influencer Marketing Is In China

Influencer Marketing:  Beyond The Hype China’s influencer marketing industry is three to five years ahead of the rest of the world. The advanced functionality and integration of social media, e-commerce, and digital payment in China have enabled business models that are yet to be explored in other countries. However, global

The Most Cost-Effective Influencer Marketing is a Holistic Strategy

Edward Bernays formalised the influencer marketing approach 100 years ago, although he wouldn’t call it that nor imagine today’s digital mediums. Since then, it has become a staple in marketing and advertising. However, modern-day influencer marketing on social media is still in its infancy. The typical approach is relatively unsophisticated,

Can Brands Get Loyalty from KOLs?

Online influencers have a billion-dollar industry behind them, but it wasn’t always this way. Now brands are asking if they can lock-down high-performing KOLs just for themselves. However, many brands forget that KOLs want to be treated like people, not commodities. The following article was originally published in theINSIDER 500 KOL

How One Travel Agency Created an Influencer from Scratch

I believe many brands are missing a big opportunity in the age of Chinese social media. They are not connecting with their customers by providing value first via educational and entertaining content that builds communities. Influencers are filling that gap. Providing value first is deep-seated in Chinese culture and one

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