• Post your campaign on our China influencer marketplace to reach thousands of content creators. Launch and complete collaborations in days, not weeks.
  • View up to 200 influencer profiles
  • Chat directly with interested influencers
  • Track campaign results automatically
  • Competitive insights for past 90 days
  • Access with 1 login
  • 15% platform fee
  • 6% fee on in-kind sponsorships
¥ 3,600 /mo
min 3 months
  • Be more insightful and targeted about your China KOL marketing. In-house marketers can improve ROI while scaling up effectively to reach more customers.
  • Marketplace plus:
  • Searchable database
  • Unlimited private invitations
  • Data verification
  • Access with 3 logins
  • No fee on in-kind sponsorships
¥ 14,800+ /mo
min 1 month
  • We do all the work! Our experienced accounts team will strategize, manage and execute your campaigns from start-to-finish.
  • Subscription plus:
  • Campaign strategy and brief creation
  • Influencer selection and negotiation
  • Content review
  • Post-campaign analysis
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  • Be more effective and productive by streamlining KOL marketing workflow for multiple brands. Save time while delivering outstanding results.
  • Subscription plus:
  • Custom keywords for brand tracking and competitive insights
  • E-commerce conversion tracking
  • Access with 5+ logins
  • Third-party data integration


¥14,800 and up/mo
Cost for posting campaign on marketplace ¥700 INCLUDED INCLUDED
# Influencers per marketplace campaign Up to 50 Up to 100 Up to 100
Private campaign invitations
# Influencers per private campaign Up to 50 Up to 20
Content approval
Auto-reminders and notifications to KOLs
Multiple post tracking
Campaign Tracking
Impressions(views ∕ reach)
Engagement(comments ∕ likes ∕ reposts)
Click traffic
Data verification (WeChat and Weibo only)
E-commerce sales conversion CUSTOMIZED
Filter by platform, location, content category
Filter by price (rate card)
KOL activity by brand Up to 3 Up to 8 Up to 8
KOL activity by custom keywords
ParkLU Platform Fee payable due before influencer confirmation
Escrow and payments for cash sponsorships 15% 15% 15%
In-kind sponsorships (% retail value) 6% INCLUDED INCLUDED
Influencer data verification (WeChat and Weibo)
USD / HKD exchange to RMB
Tax invoice (Fapiao)
User Logins
User access (concurrent logins) 1 3 3
Campaign Management
Create campaign brief, including translation
Set content direction and guidelines
Set budget, calendar and channels
Review and confirm influencers
Negotiate cost and optimise KOL spend
Invite additional KOLs if needed
Handle product seeding mailing and logistics
Resolve issues
Review and approve content
Post-campaign analysis and review

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