China Top 10 App, 1st Quarter 2017

China Top 10 App, 1st Quarter 2017

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Original Source: China Top 10 App, 1st Quarter 2017

John Wei from QiYang Marketing Consulting, April 20, 2017

China Apps still keep growing in the first quarter of 2017, as mobile users reach over 800 millions. Here’s top 10 China App according to Analysys. The most popular one is WeChat without doubt, followed by QQ and other 2, Alipay and Tmall from Alibaba group.

RankLOGOAppDescriptionActive Users (M)Growth
1WeChatSocial network,
Instant messaging
2QQInstant messaging (IM),
Social network
3AlipayMobile payment353.5364.87%
4TmallIntegrated e-business313.8655.54%
5iQiyiComprehensive video251.4752.39%
6Mobile QQ VideoVideo player246.9353.24%
7Mobile BaiduSearch244.3083.35%
8QQ BrowserBrowser242.6090.55%
9WiFi Master KeyWireless management240.2875.24%
10KuGou MusicMobile music236.0842.29%

1. WeChat

2. QQ

3. Alipay

4. Tmall

5. iQiyi

6. Mobile QQ Video

7. Mobile Baidu

8. QQ news feed web browser

9. WiFi Master Key

10. KuGou Music

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