Top 8 China Influencer Marketing Campaigns of 2017

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2017 was a massive growth year for China influencer marketing campaigns. The industry matured, the quality of content rose, and influencer marketing has become mainstream. Influencers are slowly but surely gaining respect and being treated as professional content creators instead of just another distribution channel. Brands are giving influencers more

Daigou: Real Influencers of China Cross-border E-commerce

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Chinese consumers love them, brands hate them. But as much as brands hate daigou, can they survive without these influencers of China cross-border e-commerce? Recently, brands have attempted to sidestep daigou by selling directly to consumers. However they rapidly discovered that consumers’ loyalty often lay with these overseas purchasing agents.

3 KOL Bloggers Flipped China Marketing On Its Head

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In his book Content Inc, Joe Pulizzi describes a visionary approach to making a business, one that’s becoming increasingly influential as KOL bloggers establish their own multi-million dollar companies. It entails building a marketing channel before selling products. This flips conventional business strategy on its head. The channel-first blueprint is extremely

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