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Haute Couture Jewelry Brand Takes Cannes Spotlight With Top-Tier China Influencer

When a premium, high-end Swiss jewelry brand wanted to make their presence at Cannas known to Chinese consumers, they had to find a top fashion influencer for the star-studded occasion.

De Grisogono knew they only had one shot to leverage a live event. They examined influencers’ historical brand mentions carefully to identify a tone that aligned with their brand positioning. With the help of PARKLU’s Insights feature, they concluded Anny_StyleOnTop had the voice they were looking for.

fashion influencer

 Among celebrities who wore De Grisogono’s pieces at Cannes was Chinese model Ming Xi. The company wanted a leading KOL to write original content about the festival’s style and highlight some of the big names from China who looked great with their jewellery.

Live, timely coverage resulted in 5% more post views compared to Anny’s regular content.

Global Apparel Retailer Makes China Comeback With More WeChat Followers

Espirit used to be a leading name in casual-wear around the world, but began losing clout in the late 2000s. Luckily the company pushed back with new management, cost controls, and some influencer marketing.

They sought top and mid-level KOLs to promote their H5 campaign, which featured a prominent Korean celebrity, giveaways of limited edition gifts, and promotional codes. Their goal was simple: Build brand awareness in China and increase WeChat followers.

Because Esprit makes affordable clothing, they needed KOLs whose appeal went beyond just luxury product buyers. Yet they still sought influencers who were professional and had high engagement rates. Seven mid-tier and 4 top-tier fashion KOLs were chosen.

Compelling content published by the right influencers resulted in a follower acquisition cost of less than 20RMB per person.

World’s Largest Online Diamond Retailer Uses KOLs To Give Discounts

Blue Nile, a leading jewelry e-commerce store, competes directly with traditional jewelry brands like Tiffany & Co. and Kay. Since they don’t have physical stores, they must build trust to have consumers make jewelry purchases online.

They collaborated with 12 mid-tier KOLs with a goal to build brand awareness in China. Offering a 10% discount to fans of influencers, they got a a cost-per-engagement 64% lower than regular Weibo advertising.

The jewelry store paid between 1,000RMB and 5,000RMB per KOL post. One key takeaway from the campaign was that smaller KOLs were more cost-effective than larger ones, a trend PARKLU has previously written about.

Young Swedish Watch Brand Experiments With China KOL Strategies

TRIWA was founded in 2007 and aims to combine a classic designs with a modern Swedish style. They wanted to drive traffic to their Tmall and company sites with Chinese influencers. Over the course of their 5-month campaign, they paid KOLs, gifted products, and created brand experiences for influencers.

The brand collaborated with 114 style influencers in total. Using gifted products which ranged in value from 1,500RMB to 2,500RMB, they made personal styling posts for Weibo, WeChat and Nice.

Experimenting with planned periods of reduced KOL engagement, they saw site traffic decline significantly as influencers cut down on posting.


Fashion Accessories Retailer Gets Online And Offline Traffic with Chinese KOLs

The 9th Muse is a fashion accessories retailer that carries a wide range of unique products priced on the affordable side. They had three goals for their China KOL marketing campaign: drive traffic to their new Chine e-commerce site, bring more shoppers to their Hong Kong retail store, and promote their end-of-season sale.

The brand’s handbags and jewelry range from 600HKD to 3,000HKD. Eighteen influencers created at least two pieces of original styling content each for Weibo or Instagram. The 9th Muse gave influencers the freedom to choose 2,000-4,000HKD-worth of products for the collaboration.

Besides driving online sales, influencers increased traffic to the brick-and-mortar shop significantly. the 80/20 Rule rang true in this campaign — 20 percent to the influencers generated 80 percent of sales.

Swiss Watchmaker Scours PARKLU for the Right Influencers for Product Launch

Ulysse Nardin was founded in 1865 and used to supply more than fifty navies with marine chronometers. Recently the brand wanted to bring their new fleet of top-tier timepieces to Chinese watch aficionados. They sought influencers with professional watch backgrounds to present their unique product line on WeChat and Weibo. 

Ulysse selected just 5 percent of influencers who originally expressed interest in working with them. The seven professional bloggers who fit the campaign received between 3,000RMB and 30,000RMB per post. Being a high-end luxury items, the watches required rich, authentic content and personal KOL reviews for their marketing.

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