Beauty Influencer Marketing Case Studies

/Beauty Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Beauty Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Dolce&Gabbana Influencer marketing campaign case study


New Product Launch


  • / Leading fashion brand wanted to build awareness and drive sales for new fragrance
  • / 5 top-tier KOLs engaged on WeChat, Weibo, and Yizhibo. They were paid a range of 10,000 to 88,000 RMB per post
  • / Lucky draw for free VR experience tickets and fragrance samples with special gift packaging

Campaign Insight

  • / Integration with an offline event that provided a free VR experience and gifting increased online engagement
  • / The top-tier KOLs made the greatest contribution to impressions and clicks
Shiseido Hong Kong Popup Shop Influencer marketing campaign


Shiseido Hong Kong
Popup Shop Promotion


  • / Shiseido was looking to build awareness with Chinese travelers about its exclusive skincare sets sold in Hong Kong
  • / Mid-tier beauty and fashion influencers engaged to create content on WeChat, Weibo, and Xiaohongshu
  • / Sponsored posts ranged from 3,000 to 10,000 RMB per post, plus product gifting (retail value 1,500 HKD)

Campaign Insight

  • / KOLs product giveaways to fans generated higher than average engagement
  • / Shiseido used PARKLU’s geo-filters to identify and invite Guangdong KOLs that could influence China Mainland travelers
Peter Thomas Product Seeding Campaign


Peter Thomas Roth
Product Seeding Campaign


  • / American high-end skincare brand sold at Sephora,, and Tmall
  • / Beauty influencers gifted signature gel masks (retail value 388 RMB)
  • / Majority of micro-influencers engaged with product seeding only, with a few sponsored posts paying less than 400 RMB

Campaign Insight

  • / PTR’s campaign invitation on PARKLU attracted more than 270 beauty KOLs within 48 hours
  • / Branding campaign with an emphasis on visually compelling images and tutorial content, which generated higher than average engagement
Red Earth Weibo influencer campaign


Product Awareness Campaign


  • / Australian cosmetics brand selling through e-commerce and in more than 40 stores across China
  • / Influencers gifted products (retail value of 168 RMB)
  • / Budget ranged from 100 to 2,500 RMB per post
  • / More than 200 beauty influencers opted-in to participate in Red Earth’s campaign on PARKLU’s marketplace

Campaign Insight

  • / Efficient and scalable: engaged 18 influencers in 2 weeks
  • / Brand engaged with KOLs’ fans: it’s important to reply to comments and questions to convert sales and build brand affinity
Skinchemists China video marketing campaign


Awareness Building Video Content


  • / UK-based skincare brand newly launched in China and sold on various e-commerce marketplaces, including, Beibei, Vmei, and Haituncun
  • / Influencers selected skincare products for product reviews and tutorial videos on Meipai and Youku
  • / No cash budget: engaged KOLs with product gifting (product values ranged from 950 to 4,660 RMB)

Campaign Insight

  • / Video demonstrations and authentic commentary (both positive and negative) is essential for new beauty brands in China to build credibility
  • / Product-only budgets limit engagement opportunities with more established KOLs, resulting in less reach and higher CPE

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