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  • 1.1M
  • 201.8k
  • 23.2k
  • 198.9K
  • 12.6K
kittywenny, SHANGHAI
  • 705K
  • 318K
  • 1.2K
爱幻想的伪淑女, SHANGHAI
  • 625K
  • 113K
  • 260K

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Jing ZhangThe9thMuse

Engaging China bloggers is pretty different than what we're used to on Instagram and ParkLU makes the process clear and easy. ParkLU has saved us so much time in finding bloggers that fit our brand!

Caterina TomboliniGlobal E-commerce Site

ParkLU provides an extensive network of small-medium size KOLs, an essential tool for fashion and luxury brands to tap in the Chinese market.

Hallas CheungTheonne

ParkLU is a very useful platform for brands to get a comprehensive understanding of the KOLs in China. The ParkLU team is professional, devoted and efficient in helping us launch a successful social media campaign within a tight timeline and we are very happy with the results.